I spend lots of time visiting the islands of Nova Scotia. Our coastline is rich with harbours, points, bays and inlets and has many islands just waiting to be explored.

Gull Rock near McNutts Island, Shelburne County on August 16, 2015.

The symbols on the map below represent the islands that I've set foot on at least once. Clicking on the blue symbols will give you information on the landing(s) on that island.

View Islands that I've visited in a larger map

In 2015 I purchased a red 2007 Zodiac Pro 7 Man with a 25 hp 4-stroke Yamaha outboard from the Parrsboro Volunteer Fire Department. The Pro 7 Man is a RHIB (Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat) which has much better at sea performance than soft bottomed inflatable boats. The outboard weights 141 lbs and the boat is about 400 lbs and is 13' 9" long. It planes with 4 occupants; a passenger weight of about 600 lbs. It reaches a speed of 43 km/h with two passengers.

13' 9" Zodiac Pro 7 Man with 25 hp Yamaha

"Arctic Expedition" looking trip to Whitehead Island on Jan 31, 2016.
Subaru Forester and Zodiac Pro 7 Man at Taylor Head Provincial Park.

In 2013 I purchased a 10-foot PVC Zodiac and a Johnson 7.5 hp 2-stroke outboard motor. The boat and motor weight a total of approximately 200 lbs. The top speed is slightly less than 30 km/h and the maximum passenger weight that still allows the boat to reach a plane is 350 lbs. This boat was used to visit most of the islands mapped above, but proved too small for islands further offshore and does not handle sea chop very well.

10' Zodiac with 7.5 hp Johnson 

10-foot Zodiac at Comeaus Hill Beach, July 26, 2015.
10-foot Zodiac at Comeaus Hill Beach, July 26, 2015. Close-up of the fastening system for the outboard, to minimize damage to the transom.
10-foot Zodiac at Comeaus Hill Beach, July 26, 2015.



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